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To be able to cut, crease and fold is important for any DIY, paper craft  enthusiast. To get a professional result without having to pay a high price is all part of the fun. Outlined below are tools that do exactly that.

Some of our professional card makers would be lost without some of our tools and adhesives.


Embossing Square



Allows you to emboss the various motifs/patterns onto paper, aluminium or copper. Also to create 4 patterned borders, achieving a continuous embossed border design around the edges of your design, card or invitation. Tool sold separately, see below.

Comes with easy to use instructions.


More info click here.




Proudly Melbourne Made.

Standard Creaser Board – Made of MDF(not acrylic), this board has 5 crease lines which still does your standard folds, including A4 to A5 and A5 to A6. Free tool included. For more info, click info link above.


Comes with easy to use instructions.

$30    Proudly Melbourne Made.

Deluxe Creaser Board


Our acrylic 7 line board is our best board offering precision, saving time by taking all the guesswork out of your DIY invitation stationery and card making. Each line allows you to crease your paper to achieve a professional fold every time. No measuring required, delivering even folds every time.

No moving parts so it won’t break or wear out.

Comes with easy to use instructions, quick reference template overlay and free tool.

More info click here.




Proudly Melbourne Made.

Double Sided Tape – As used by the professionals, these tapes are permanent and super sticky. Available in 50m rolls.


3mm wide x 50m   $5 ea

6mm wide x 50m   $6.80 ea

12mm wide x 50m  $13.95 ea

Origami Packs - 24 pieces of 150 x 150mm assorted Japanese Paper.



$19.95 ea

How do I purchase any of these items?

To purchase any of these items above, simply detail the items, quantity required, your delivery address and  Email this information to gycor@yahoo.com or call 03 9381 1268.

Based on your request, a postage and handling cost will be determined and the total price will be advised via Email or phone. Payments can be made via credit card or direct deposit and goods will be sent by Australia Post.