paper indulgence

DIY Scrolls

Save money with our DIY scroll kits

Easy to make and assemble, with instructions included.
Our scroll ends and rods are made from wood and supplied sanded, ready to paint,
stain or varnish the way you want, or leave them natural. They are easy and fun to make.
There are no minimum order requirements.
Scroll kits are $8.95 each. Includes: paper, two wood dowels sets, cylinder, ribbon and instructions.
Cylinders colours: Metallic Gold, Silver and Black.
Dare to be different!
Paper options include: Parchment White, Natural or Aged. 90gsm, laser and inkjet guaranteed. Ribbon: 3mm satin, various colours available.

Painting Option

paper-indulgence diy-scroll-rods
We can supply the ends painted, saving you time and mess.
Metallic Silver or Gold $2.00 per set or Enamel Black $2.50 per set.
Note: The join between the dowell and button end is always concealed when your paper is applied, giving you a seamless finish.


Tip: Hand deliver your scroll and watch their face light up when they open it in front of you. It’s a moment to remember.

Do you have your own ideas? Don’t want to purchase the kit but only want components to complete your project, then go to our scroll parts page.